Getting Steamed

Being a child of the 80's and 90's I have expressed my love of the thermally activated mug before. I find their cheese to be charming.
Yet, I have never seen the technology used for a functional application, until now. The folks at STATIC! have come up with these thermall activated tiles that tell you about your water usage. This is because, as you use your shower, the hot steam activates the thermal decals.
Heat is a form of energy that is often taken for granted, invisibly escaping from appliances, boiling water, lamps and radiators. Energy lost through heat may be visualized if artifacts communicate leakage in various ways. In the example ‘Disappearing-Pattern Tiles’, bathroom tiles are decorated with patterns in a thermo-chromic ink that reacts to heat, fading away to reflect splashes and intensities of hot-water use. The longer the shower, the less decoration on the wall! The architectural surface acts as a subtle reminder of personal energy use over time, reflecting the duration and waste of water during a shower.

Project Team: Sofia Lagerkvist, Charlotte von der Lancken, Anna Lindgren, Katja Sävström




Jerry said...

I love this so much. What a fantastic idea!

Robert said...

Disappearing pattern tile are one of the latest innovations in tile designs. They are using heat technology or 'thermo chromic' technology to make the designs fade when subjected to high temperature. It's very ideal for bathrooms and saunas.

I plan to install a sauna in my house this year. I've already ordered the materials and I'll be using thermo chromic (Brandon) tiles for the walls to make it more interesting. I suggest prospective home renovators to check online or visit local manufacturers to see different tile designs.