Square square

Banraby Barford has created his own version of Trafalgar Square. 

Trafalgar Square has been described as the blank slab upon which Britain has inscribed it's modern history, in Barford's version Drink, Violence, Consumerism, Junk food, Protest and Terrorism all inhabit this world.

In the piece's centre is a Lion looking a great deal sadder than the ones in the real Trafalgar Square - It has been covered in graffiti. The piece is formalised by 4 columns with cherubs on top, each covered in pigeons and bird shit. The rest of the piece comprises of 22 individual pieces, each a vignette of contemporary life. The saccharine figurines have been transformed from chocolate box, romantic images of life into a new, jarring narrative. Added tension is given to the piece in the form of a loan sports bag, entitled unattended luggage.



GSA Ceramics said...

hello could you add us to your magical ceramics directory please? We find your blog both useful and innovative.


Hmmm - I quite like that. I see what its saying and it gets the message across loud and clear.

nicely said...


Today's article on nicelymadeinchina DOTcom is about ceramist Hai Chen.

I invite you to read it.

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Carly Cram said...

I love these. They're so playful.