Stuck in a glass cage of emotion

Hey All,
Sorry for the absenteeism. I've been having a heck of a time with blogger recently, it has not been letting me log in so I haven't been able to post.

Anyway, I've got some things mothballed now that I can bring to you in all its ceramical glory.

This donut holder from Pinch Food Design,  leaves me teetering on an edge. I like the design and the presentation, but talk about a Uni-tasker. I've talked before about the Alton Brown notion of the lack of value in the object that only serves on purpose.

Now, of course the context is that Pinch Food Design is trying to create intimate, food experiences, through alternative presentation.

There is value in that?

But my question, is. Is there real value in the labor of fetishistic presentation? Is art and food advanced based on the amount of time that the designer and makers spent on this object? Or is it just a one liner, where someone can say "Oh, that's cool" and move on with their day?



Also, don't forget that there is still space available for my Glaze Calc class "Glaze of our Lives", June 27th -July 1st, at Truro Center for the Arts at Castle Hill in beautiful Truro, MA.



Judy Shreve said...
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Judy Shreve said...

Matt - you always find the most interesting things to post! I had trouble with blogger too so I've moved my blog to my website:


Wish I lived closer - bet your glaze class is fab

cookingwithgas said...

hum- let's see cold whit looking think with donuts- did not even make my mouth water.
Put them on a warm handmade pottery plate and i would be all over them- I hate one trick anything....

cookingwithgas said...

cold white looking thing - why is it I can not think and type at the same time?

Becca said...

I also believe in the ways of Alton Brown, I would never want this thing in my home, I just don't eat doughnuts enough! And as a functional object I don't think it necessarily works well either, who has enough table space to use that thing? But as an art object its really interesting, but very much a "one liner".