500 and Beyond

Hey All.
Well I really don't know what to say.
Today's post celebrates two incredible milestones. First, this is my 500th Post. That is a lot of ceramical stuff and I've had a blast with it. I'm so happy that so many of you like what I am doing. It is great to have the community out there and I'm so happy that people love stuff like the blog list and my posts. It keeps me going.

The other news is that Mrs. Rose as well as our Hounds, Flash and Sophie are adding to our family!
Come late August we will have a little Katz joining our pack. We will have a little one we can teach all about ceramics... and who will decided to become an accountant anyway.
 We are excited, although Flash and Sophie do not understand that they have been usurped. The will be fine, they have been around babies before and are great with kids.

So that is the news, I'll keep you updated as we go along, fingers crossed.


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