Oh Canada!

I Love Canada!
As you may know, I come from Maine. The joke there is that Maine is just un-annexed Canada. We love Hockey, French, and Doughnuts. All things Canadian. Now we have one more thing to love in Canada. That is Pottery Supply House in Oakville, Ontario.

Why do we love PSH? Becuase they are now carrying the full line of Matt and Dave's Clays Products! Porcelain for the People and The Coup! How cool is that?!

What is even cooler? PSH is doing something that I had a lot of requests to do but could not pull off. That is ship across to Canada! You will have to contact them to get the details, but this makes our clay available to all of our friends in the Great White North.

Stop by and get some clay!

Also, I wanted to let everyone know that Tee Shirts are now in and available at out online store!

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