The Coup, Mid-Temperature is ready!

Hi Everyone

I told you that I would let you know when The Coup, our Mid-Temperature version of Porcelain for the People is ready.

Today is the day!

We have The Coup made and ready to ship, right now.

What is even better? We not only have our plastic body, great for throwing and hand-building. We also have Coup versions of our Cast Away Slip and Stuck Up-the amazing building and attaching slip. All three designed to work great together.

The Coup has all of the performance qualities of Porcelain for the People, with a firing temperature of Cone 5-8.

I hope we have piqued your interest.

The Coup is available at our store at www.mattanddavesclays.com. 

Prices for The Coup are the same as Porcelain for the People.

Casting Slip-$45/2 Gallons
Stuck Up-$12/Bottle
All prices include shipping!

So if you are interested please send us an email, with your order. We will respond with a link, where you can make a secure payment.

The Revolution Is Here!


Rose said...

yeah! the revolution has started!

Judy Shreve said...

Congrats! You are changing the world of porcelain! ... 'you say you want a revolution .... well, you know!' All right!

Anonymous said...

amazing site, you kids know how to utilize the intra-nets!
besos, timo

dthorpe said...