Gnome Your Rights

I was shocked and appalled to learn that the authorities in the West Midlands, UK are attempting to turn their village in to an Anti-Ceramic Police State... Shocking, Truly Shocking. Here's the story. 

Gnomes cause health and safety row

A local authority has apologised to a West Midlands woman who was wrongly told to remove two ornamental gnomes from outside her home on health and safety grounds.
Sandwell Metropolitan Borough Council said a letter sent to Linda Langford, which also instructed her to withdraw a pottery tortoise from a communal area outside her flat in Tipton, had been based on a misunderstanding of its fire safety rules.
The note from Sandwell Homes to Mrs Langford, 57, ordered her to take down a welcome plaque as well as the gnomes - one of which is hitting an anvil, the other reading a book.

As you all know, we are concerned will all aspects of ceramics here at Slipcast. We need to reclaim our civil rights to display our clays freely...even the ugly ones. 

Remember, first they came for the Garden Gnomes and I said nothing, Then they came for the Pottery turtles and I said nothing. Then the came for the Hedgehog Houses and there was no one left to speak for them...


Anonymous said...
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lifeshighway said...

Don't forget the geese with the bows. And what would be next my beloved seahorse bird bath!