Toot your own horn

There is a rich history of Clay and Music. I also a wonderful, all porcelain band when I was traveling in China. Also one of the first ceramic things that I was ever given by my parents, was a cartoon shaped cow flute. You blow into it's butt. Classy, I know.

The group known as Elasticbrand (Christie Wright and Arjen Nooredman) have undertaken a pretty cool project. They have taken the tried and true history of clay based musical instruments and twisted it.  They are looking for specific sounds, so that they can make hip hop music, using the tones of the clay, instead of simply using the instruments as they are. They are providing thier sounds to dj's and mc's to make a mix from their sounds, which they are turning in an album called "Audiowear".

They are trying to advance their cause with a Kickstarter fundraising program. If you can give them a hand, you can donate here.

Thanks to Sherman for the heads up.

Don't forget that there is still space available for my Glaze Calc class "Glaze of our Lives", June 27th -July 1st, at Truro Center for the Arts at Castle Hill in beautiful Truro, MA.


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