Nowhere to go but down.


So this came across my desk this morning.

I'm honored, unfortunately I don't know who I'm being honored by as there is no author listed. I'll just assume it is the Illuminatti and that all conversations are being monitored.

Anyhoo, thanks to all the readers and the author of the list. I'm having fun and that is all I can ask for. Have a great day everyone. I hope it isn't too hot for yall. It is so hot in Alfred right now, my toenails are sweating.

Don't forget that there is still space available for my Glaze Calc class "Glaze of our Lives", June 27th -July 1st, at Truro Center for the Arts at Castle Hill in beautiful Truro, MA.



Allison Kruskamp said...

Congratulations on your shout out! Although, I'm not surprised. Since I came across your blog I look forward to new posts. I've also spent A LOT of time perusing your blog list. Here's mine for a fun addition: www.allybuilt.blogspot.com

Lori Buff said...

Congratulations, you deserve it.