Southern Iced

I have heard from a reliable source, that Southern Ice will not longer be supplied in the United States. From what I was told there was a flood at the mine delaying product and that the suppliers decided that the product was not worth importing anymore. Now, my source is one of the largest users of Southern Ice in the U.S. and they told me that they had inquired about importing it themselves and that they found that it was not a viable option. So it looks like this is the end for Southern Ice in the U.S.

Which makes it a perfect time to try Matt and Dave's Clays! Experience the best porcelains you have ever used. Made four throwing and building, there is no other clay like them out there. 
And coming in 2011, Snow White, The best working, whitest Porcelain on this side of the Equator. In fact if you can provide me with proof that you are currently a Southern Ice user in the U.S. (Email me pics of Souther Ice in your studio). I will send you a box of Matt and Dave's Snow White to try for just the cost of shipping. $11, to anywhere in the U.S. 
Hit the ground running with this transition. 
Email your proof to info@mattanddavesclays.com


carole epp said...


and us Canadians? where does that leave us?

Matthew Katz said...

Hey Carole,
Sorry to be a bummer.
I don't know who the importer in Canada is. You may not be out of luck it is someone different then the US supplier.
As I was told the clay is not going away. Just that it is not being imported to the U.S. anymore.

romalyn said...

the vase is beautiful!I like it.

Scott said...

My understanding is that the New Zealand Halloysite is used as a component of the Southern Ice clay body.Do you know if this will be the end of the New Zealand Halloysite as a raw material?

Matthew Katz said...

You are correct that SI was composed of Halloysite and not Kaolin.
As far as I know the supply is still there and is available. It is just not being imported to the U.S.

Jack said...

Southern Ice does not contain any New Zealand halloysite.