Paul is dead

Paul Soldner

Well, this is how we start off the year? Paul Soldner died the other day at the age of 90.
Good age, he made a long trip.
Solder is an interesting character, He is one of those one names in ceramics. Like Volkus, Soldner blazed a path on who he was.
I went to Grad School in Colorado, where his shadow looms large. Many of the people I know had worked with him, or for him and he was always talked about kindly.
Of course there are the stories, The Streaking, The Hot Tub and the trailer built clay mixer that would do the work as he drove around town.
And there was the work. I remember that I was visiting the house of a very wealthy collector. I walked into the large bathroom to find a Solder in there and I thought to myself "I bet he likes that".
I can't say I knew him, But I did meet him not too many years ago. I went to a party at his house and he was there. Holding a quiet court. He was older but he was kind enough to sit with me and talk for a good long while. He seemed very kind. At some point that night, I walked by his refrigerator only to large notice a collection of photos of  naked women, some of which I know.
So that is how I would like to remember Paul. Fun to the end.




parrotfeathers said...

he's been one of my biggest inspirations. one of the greatest artists of all time in my book.

in fact, most of the work i do wouldn't even be possible without his influence. i know many of the people i work with in my studio will be missing him too.

thank you for posting this.
well, long live soldner raku! us pyromaniacs will keep your memory alive!

www.kristinamar.com said...

Very sad....i was a friend, he was a wonderful kind and extraordinary man's heart....Just saw your very interesting post by chance, thanks , and all the best for you and work.