Menorah-ty Report

Although my name implies otherwise, I am not a member of the tribe.
That said, I have always have had a soft spot for the menorah. I like it as a conceptual project.
"Make something that holds nine flames. No other rules."
That said. I've been a little disappointed this year. I haven't found a lot of ceramic menorahs that I am crazy about. But I find there three to be charming examples of what ceramic menorahs can be.



peppylady (Dora) said...

I never even came close seeing a menorahs as I did the first one. I have plenty of ceramic molds and I don't have menorah mold.

Coffee is on.

Tova Cooper said...

Did you ever find a slipcase mold for menorahs? I'm looking for one to use in a kids' class.