I've got a woody.

I have to say, I don't know if I approve.

The Kami Mug
Kami means paper, and the Kami mug is hand crafted in a workshop in Hokkaido Japan by Hidetoshi Takahashi. The cup is made from Castor Aralia wood, shaped using a potter’s wheel (Katz's note: I believe they mean Lathe, unless that is the softest of soft woods) and coated with a food safe resin.



[nancy + andy] said...

Yeah, this one really goes against the grain.

Kourtney Stone said...

have you seen this? http://joeyroth.com/sorapot/

Pete Pinnell said...

For what its worth, there's actually a long history of wooden tableware in Europe. In England it was known as "treen", and you can find some nice images by searching on that term. Another related term is "mazur", a kind of wooden goblet made from burl.