Sunflower Seeds Video

This film on the production of the Sunflower Seeds Exhibition at The Tate is exceptionally beautiful.
If you have never been to Jingdziehen, It really portrays it how it is. From the friendly, hard working people. the Hammer Mills, the bamboo chairs, to porcelain being everywhere. It takes me back.
Now that they exhibit has been effectively shuttered by the nanny state, this is a nice document on what could have been.



Kings Creek Pottery said...

A beautiful video. It makes the exhibit all the more important~ thank you for sharing it. It's unfortunate that the work cannot be experienced in the manner which the artist hoped.

So many seeds, so many people working on the project, so many families helped by the paid work...so many making one.

It's quite moving.

Studio Terrafemina said...

I felt this movie deeply. I am moved, touched by the magnitude of the work.
Poetic some how.

... "so many making one" smoothly it seems is big power of the right kind here.

Great post.
Really great.

Mickey Smeele