Splish Splash

Mrs. Rose and I have been busy on our summer project, renovating the downstairs bathroom. This weekend we laid the wall tile. It took from Friday night till late Sunday afternoon, basically evaporating the entire weekend, but we are really happy with the results. Of course the tiles are all from Mrs. Rose's employer Trikeenan Tileworks. and are all seconds. As all ceramists know, the seconds are always just as good as the firsts, with more personality.

As you may know we bought our first house last Fall and we have been moving through the house making it our own. It was mostly a lot of wall paper stripping, changing out fixtures, drywall and paint. Once that was done we started gutting. We started at the beginning of June and in two months have made it pretty far. With the help of our friend Dan we have completely changed the room.

Let's see if I can remember all the changes. After demo, we cut a hole into our perfectly good wall. The old bathroom had neither a window or a vent fan. So we added both.  I won't act like I had anything to do with it except the conceptualization. Dan and Mrs.Rose, did the cutting and installation. That said it was still quite a nerve racking process, where there once was wall, now there is window. We then insulated wall and cased out the window. Dan then replaced all the electrical in the room and installed the new light and fan. 

Rose and I took it upon ourselves to do all the new plumbing. Thanks to these shark bite connections and PEX plastic plumbing it was a breeze. Then it was on to the Drywall and Cement board, and the Tiling that we have today. There were a bunch of small jobs in there that had to get done but that was the major stuff. 

Just a few more jobs left. Sealing and grouting, install the in floor heating, floor tile, redo the drain lines and then final installation of the fixtures and accessories. All in all I have to say that I am really happy with the tile job.


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ANI said...

It's Herringbone Tetris! It's fab! I am so jealous!