Fanny and Zooey

If you so choose, you could own J.D. Salinger's...Toilet. 
No, I'm not proud of myself. 
But, hey. It's Friday!
Have a good weekend everyone. 



For a limited time, Matt and Dave's Clays is having a back to school sale!
Right now, you can stock up on both our high temperature Porcelain for the People and our mid-temperature body, The Coup!
Even better, our Cast Away, casting slip and Stuck Up, building and attaching slip are also on sale.
Get all your clay supplies for the new school year or just to stock up your studio.
Our amazing clays are only $24 for 30 pounds, shipped.
Cast Away can be sent to you for only $35
You too will be Stuck Up for just $9
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Judy Shreve said...

I think all that work yall have done in your bathroom has twisted your mind -- lol!

Winchell Clayworks said...

That's a s*%#load of money for a toilet.

Matthew Katz said...