Pottery for the People

Dan Finnegan, one of ceramic's OB's (Original Bloggers). Got his hands on some Porcelain for the People and turned it out. He made some lovely clam shell boxes. I can't wait to see how he finishes them. I love the variation of finish that people have been giving to the clay.  Whether chunky or refined the clay really sings.

I hear from some little birds that we have been getting shout-outs down south. At both the Alabama Clay Conference and the  North Carolina Potters Conference. The buzz was in the air about Matt and Dave's Clays. We love that kind of buzz. And it is only rolling on, as we will be at NCECA in Philadelphia. We have a big presentation planned and we hope to see you all there. Details to follow.


Dan Finnegan said...

Hey, You stole my blog!!! (I'm flattered). I've only thrown one of the two bags I received and will pass on these comments:
Clay arrived VERY wet.
It does throw beautifully.
It was riddled with tiny air bubbles, is this customary?
I'm looking forward to firing...in April in my wood/salt kiln. And while I am known as a fairly mellow guy, That's "CLAM" boxes rather than "CALM"! Thanks again.

Matthew Katz said...

Hi Dan,

We have been working with wetter clay, as some customers have said it was too dry. I suspect that we are going to revert back to the dryer formulation, as we are now hearing it from the other side.
The air bubbles I have not seen, but I will look into. Thanks for letting me know.
Thanks for the spell check. I am horrible at that. As I prove every day.

Alex Solla said...

Dan (and Matt too)-

I saw the same air bubbles in the pugged Coup I received as well. I also saw it fairly infrequently when I was in school at Alfred. I have a feeling it has something to do with the water uptake by the plasticizer. I think one of the students who was experiencing the problem was using either macaloid or bentonite, dry mixing and getting tiny bubble in her wet clay. When we switched over to blunging the bentonite overnight, that seemed to correct the problem.

Other ideas Matt?

Matthew Katz said...

Thanks for jogging my memory.
We have seen this problem before, it has been a year since it showed it's little head so I forgot about it. We know exactly where it comes from.
It is in fact tied to grolleg degassing. It is intermittent,and comes and goes.
We will do our best to eliminate the problem on our end, but we are in a tight spot, as it is not something that we have control over