It's Educational

As many of you know, my day job is in ceramic science. Specifically the application of ceramic science to ceramic art. Part of that is teaching glaze clac here in Alfred. 

We are lucky to have the opportunity to offer our students the chance to study such a specialized subject. I also know that it something that a lot of people want to get some experience with, but don't have the opportunity.  Well now you do. 

This summer at Castle Hill-Truro Center for the Arts on beautiful Cape Cod Massachusetts, I will be teaching a class on ceramic science for the artist. The class is called Rumor Milling and will be from June 14th-18th. We will examine all aspects of ceramic science and how it applies to the artist. The class is taught from an advanced beginner's perspective, so no existing knowledge of glaze science is needed. Having  mixed a glaze before is all the experience required.  We will also talk about dispelling those pesky myths that pepper ceramics.

So please join in. it is going to be a lot of fun and if you might just learn something.

Get all of the information and register at Castle Hill's Website.


cindy shake said...

I had just posted thoughts on the Science necessary in working with clay when I read your Blog entry today! I put a link to your event on my post :o)

Matthew Katz said...

Thanks Cindy,
That was an interesting post.
The method is definitely something that must be learned and practiced.

Katy said...

Oh why must Australia be so far away...I would love to do your course!