He Blinded Me With Science!

Hi everyone,
I return with data!

You can now head over to Matt and Dave's Clays website  and soak in our all new Science section.
We've updated the page with a bunch of new information for your ceramical perusing.
We've added the Powerpoint slides from NCECA 2012- Seattle- On The Edge.

These include my talk on how Cone 6 glazes work and how they don't work. I've done a lot of research on the strength of Mid-Temperature glaze and how well the stand up to daily abuse. There is some really interesting information that you should apply to your own glazes if you are working at anything under Cone 10.

Dave did a talk on "How Glazes Melt". A really interesting study on what is going on inside our glazes in the kiln. Looking at the way eutectics are formed and how glazes interact with the clay body.

Finally, Bill Carty did a talk about the forensic examination of Korean porcelains. He examined the make up of 12th centuary Korean pottery to find out, how it was made and how that effects our pots today.

All very cool research and we had a great time doing it.

But that's not all!

I've also included my FREE Glaze Calculator! This is an Excel spreadsheet that I use everyday. It is a basic spreadsheet that will allow you to calculate the Unity Molecular Formula for any glaze out there.  It does not have all the bells and whistles of some of the sheets out there... but did I mention it is FREE?

We've also added a copy of the famous Stull Glaze map, which documents the melting of glazes. Also my new companion map on the UMF limits of Boron. You can see this map at the top of this post, I am super proud of it and I think it will change the way we all deal with glaze chemistry and temperature. As the sheet documents exactly how much Boron your glaze needs at any temperature From Cone 10 to below Cone 04. Super Cool!

So get on over to Matt and Dave's Clays and soak in the Science!

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daniel paul said...

Love you Matthew Katz! Saw your presentation at NCECA and couldn't wait to look over your slides. Thank you.