I have a controversial standpoint and I will take your abuse in the comments. I don't prefer real maple syrup. Now don't get me wrong. I like it just fine and God know that when the Top Secret Pancake house near Alfred opens for the season soon, I will be there. But when it comes to the syrup I reach for, I go for the fake stuff.

I also am not a fan of soaking my pancakes. I confuse Mrs. Rose as I stack my pancakes and then cut them one at a time and not slicing through the whole stack. What I am trying to say, is that I am pancake weird.

My pancake fastidiousness is being satiated bu this new syrup reservoir plate by uncommon goods. I think that this is for more than just pancakes, sauces would do very well here too.
None to shabby.



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Wanda Davis said...

These are awesome pieces! I love the ones with people! You seem like you might have some suggestions for a provider of ceramic tile in Vancouver?