Smashing Success

For all the talk we have about making, we rarely talk about the downside of broken ceramics. I am the "bull in the china shop" of lore in our house. I break so many things, that I have gotten to the point that I consider all of our functional ware as "long term disposable".

That said, no one ever discusses the fine are of ceramic restoration. It is a skill set that we all should be experts as, yet I don't know anyone who does it. I know that one of my favorite artists Mark Burns did it years ago, but that is about the only mention that I have come across in all these years.

I was fascinated to come across these posts by Mill Girl talking about her days as a restorer and some of her methods and tricks. I won't got into it, as she does a great job explaining the process (Sand, who knew!?!). So stop on by her blog and give it a good read.

Story One
Story Two




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