You owe me

This post is for my friend Corey. She is a non ceramical person, but she was perusing the pages of the Hammacher-Schelemmer catalog at our house this weekend and crossed this little item.
She noticed one feature that she thought all ceramics people should start to tout in their own wares.

The description from the site.
Unlike plastic pet fountains that develop cracks, this drinking fountain is made from durable, nonporous glazed ceramic that mitigates bacteria growth. Ceramic resists bacteria (commonly found on porous plastic surfaces) that cause acne on a pet's mouth and chin. The ceramic drinking fountain is dishwasher-safe, enabling simple, thorough cleaning (Play Video). The fountain has an integrated pump that draws water from the basin to the top of the dome where it pools and cascades back into the reservoir. The falling stream attracts pets with the sound of trickling water and entices them to drink more often--a practice that can reduce the pet's risk of kidney disease and urinary tract infection. A charcoal filter removes impurities responsible for unpleasant tastes and odors in water. The fountain has a 72-oz. capacity and the filter lasts up to 30 days. Plugs into AC. 14" L x 11" W x 5" H. (6 lbs.)

Preventing mouth Acne?. 
Ceramics, the material of the future!



Denise H said...

The dreaded mouth acne. Actually years ago my cat got it, his chin looked dirty all the time. We use to have one of those plastic watering bowls that accepted a 2 liter bottle flipped upside down to keep the bowl full. After the vet told me it was caused by plastic, I trashed it and never looked back. I made them ceramic bowls, problem solved.

Andy said...

If the fountain is glazed wouldn't that invalidate any 'benefit' of the fountain being made out of porcelain? Someone didn't know what they were talking about...