Hey All, 

I return! It has been a heck of a week, I've missed you all and I am glad to be back. Thanks to everyone for their kind wishes, I didn't have Swine Flu, just the normal, early school year plague. It set in Sunday, the day after the move. I could feel it creeping as Rose, Dan and I were working on the electrical. By Monday morning it kicked in full steam, and I made the mistake of going into work anyway. I did not treat my recovery properly and I paid the price. You see, we had a company come into town that we are doing research for. They scheduled to be here all week and it was my responsibility to work with them on the project. So after being sent home on Monday after a few hours, I returned on Tuesday, and proceeded to work very hard on this project for the next 4 days. Needless to say, the cold possibly got worse through the week. I made it out alive but I still can't shake some of the symptoms. The good news is that I was able to solve some problems that the company had been suffering from for months. 

The house is coming together well, We only have one room of stuff still in boxes. We still have lots of work, to do, but we got the wall paper stripped from two rooms, including the kitchen which was the worst offender. We still have a lot of spackle and paint to get to, all in good time. 

Also, I was asked to teach Freshman Foundations next semester. Oh Man! I am excited and having terrifying flashbacks all at the same time. I haven't been around foundations since my own horrifying experience. Any of those of you out there who went through Art School, will know what I am talking about. I have to keep telling myself, "You made it out alive." and "They are only kids, they can't hurt you..."

I am back to functional and doing everything I need to do to catch up, Like getting back to the blog. 

So quickly. 500. That's right. the list of ceramics blogs is now 500. Seriously. OMFG. You all out there love the clay!

The honor of the 500th blog goes to Niswander Ceramics. Congrats!

Niswander Blog is a newer blog started in September written by Laurie who is a potter and sculptor living in the Baltimore/DC area. So everyone stop by and give her some words of welcome.

Glad to be back!


pcNielsen said...

500 is an awkward number.

You could add my blog to the list :p But only if you want to.

Matthew Katz said...

OMG Paul. I'm so sorry. I thought I had put you on there a long time ago. I love your blog. I truly apologize.

Unknown said...

Woot woot!